Has anyone tried Wellness Core or Merrick Before Grain dry cat food?


Steph asks:

My 6 month old kittens’ main diet is a rotation of canned cat food but he does get a little bit of dry food as well. He currently has been on Halo and is doing well on it but seems to be losing interest, has anyone tried the Merrick BG or Wellness Core?

Best answer:

Answer by care_bear_baby1
I tried Wellness Core but my cats didn’t like it at all.

2 thoughts on “Has anyone tried Wellness Core or Merrick Before Grain dry cat food?

  1. My cat eats Felidae. She does fine on that, and I supplement with raw meat, to keep her interested in her bowl.

  2. I have not used either of them, but they are both good foods. I’ve reviewed their ingredients.

    I’ve heard from others that their cats didn’t go for the Core. But if you buy either one and find your cats resisting, try this trick:

    Put both dry foods in a separate container, on about a 5:1 ratio (meaning like 5 cups of old dry food to 1 cup of the new food). Cover and shake and let sit for a while. Then dispense.

    Your cat will get some of the old food that it knows and likes and some of the new food which will be covered in crumbs of the old food and thus will smell more familiar. Not only that, but new foods should be added slowly and this will accomplish that as well.

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